HS Golf and Chervo sponsor Vietnam Golf team in uniform at SEA Games 29

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Vietnam golf team has its better synchronization, especially on player uniforms and golf equipment than the previous SEA Games. HS Golf Vietnam, for the first time, has become the official sponsor of Vietnam Golf Team at SEA Games in uniform and accessories under the brand name “Chervo” – known as one of the top golf fashion brands in the world.



SEA Games 29 is around the corner and becomes dynamic than ever when many sponsors and sport passionate units are willing to support for Vietnam team.

Vietnam Golf team has got so much love, attention and support from sponsors, golf course and even Vietnam Golf Association (VGA) that they hardly got in the previous SEA Games.

Vietnam Golfers at SEA Games have their own better look with uniform and equipment – as HS Golf Vietnam decided to be Vietnam Golf team’s major sponsor, proudly to support Vietnam golfers in uniform and accessories under the brand name Chervo – one of the top golf fashion brands in the world with the total value of sponsorship is up to VND 300 million and 50 million in cash.



As the exclusive distributor of high-quality golf products in Vietnam. In recent years, HS Golf has become reputable distributor of golf lover in general and high-end market in particular. It is such a great honor for HS Golf to become supplier with latest design and the most luxurious products for many generations of golfers, brings a breath of fresh air to golf courses all over the world, including golf clubs, clothes, shoes, accessories from marker, tee to fashionable boston bag.


Chervo has sponsored some professional golfers taking part in tournament at PGA tour, European Tour, Asia Tour such as: Anirban Lahiri, Morgan Hoffman, Danny Lee, Shiv Kapur…


Chervo will most likely to become official sponsor for European team taking part in the tournament, held in Rome, Italy in Falls of 2022.


Top products was presented in HS Golf Vietnam such as: Chervo, PRGR, Royal Albartross, Lottusse, Golfino, Duca Delcosma, GolfBuddy, ECCO, Aston Martin etc… proudly to be a part of golfers from all over the world.

“We, HS Golf Vietnam and Chervo proudly accompany Vietnam Golf team on the journey to conquer at SEA Games 29. Not only we sponsor for 7 golfers in said CEO.Pham Thang, HS Golf Vietnam.latest uniform of Chervo, made in Italy but also in cash.”


(Tittle: Vietnam Golf Team go to the extra mile and ready to conquer SEA Games)


The golf team has its interestingly difference when it comes to combine with well-known names in golf industry in Vietnam such as Truong Chi Quan, Do Le Gia Dat, Nguyen Thao My and 4 brand new golfers, who the first time take part in SEA Games as Doan Xuan Khue Minh, Nguyen Hung Dung, Hanako Kawasaki and Nguyen Phuong Tuan.



Time: 22-26/08/2017

Place: The Mines Resort & Golf Club (par71, length 6966 yards)

Number of participants: 10


On 19th August, Vietnam Golf team will officially take their flight to Malaysia to take part in SEA Games 29. Let’s take a look at these talented young golfers below.


1. Truong Chi Quan – Top experience golfer

Chi Quan, 19 year-old boy, is taking part in golf team of Arizona State University (ASU), one of the top team in America. He used to study professional golf at Core Golf Academy, Florida where many famous golfers came from.



He has participated third time at SEA Games. The two previous time he was on the selected list for SEA Games. However he did not perform so well as his level was pretty far away from golfers in region.

Hopefully, he would make huge impact at Sea Games 29, leave the mark in region for Vietnam sport with his golfing experiences.



Truong Chi Quan –The hope of Golf Vietnam

Full name: Truong Chi Quan

Year of birth: 1998

Champion of National Amateur Golf 2014, 2015, 2016

Champion of AJGA Junior, America 2014

National Championship 2016

No of taking part in Sea Games: 3


2. Hanako Kawasaki – “New ambitious warrior”


A Vietnamese – Japanese girl is the most special member of Vietnam Golf team at SEA Games 29. She was born and raised in Vietnam, Hanako was lucky to have the chance to play golf at the age of 4. She is one of Vietnam’s best female golfers now as one of the best amateur golfers in the country for 2 recent years and she was named in the World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR) where she is currently only one female Vietnamese golfer listed.


Although she is a “greenie”, she is always ambitious to conquer her new goals.


Hanoka Kawasaki is currently the only one female Vietnamese golfer listed on WAGR


Full name: Hanako Kawasaki

Year of birth: 1999


Champion of Female National golf 2016

Champion of Vietnam Junior Open 2017

No of taking part in Sea Games: first time


3. Nguyen Hung Dung

Nguyen Hung Dung is one of five golfers who got their ticket to participate in SEA Games 29 without qualifying round.



He has followed Chi Quan and Phuong Toan to study abroad at Windermere Preparatory and MMG Performance, America. Hung Dung had got valuable experiences and “iron will” to compete after 2 years studying in new environment.

He is confidently working on his dream to make it come true as he has strong ambition for golf.


Full name: Nguyen Hung Dung

Year of birth: 2001

Achievement: Champion of  Vietnam Junior Open 2016 's U16 Board 

Champion of VAO 2017

No of participating: First time


4. Doan Xuan Khue Minh – The youngest golfer in VN history

Khue Minh is the youngest golfer in Vietnam golf team taking part in Sea Games 29 in Malaysia. This 14 year-old girl shows her improvement on each swing and better-resolve at difficult situation. Despite of her young age, she has lots of experience participating in major golf tournament in the country such as Vietnam Open 2016, Nick Faldo Series and Hanoi Junior Open Championship.



In addition, Khue Minh is also known as the good and talented with her great achievement at school, she can play piano and love swimming.

As the youngest golfer on the team, she is obviously lack of competing skills at international competition. Hopefully she has good spirits and perform her best ability and would make us surprise at SEA Games 29.


Full name: Doan Xuan Khue Minh

Year of birth: 2003

No of participating: First time


5. Nguyen Phuong Toan – “an X-factor on team”

Nguyen Hung Dung is also one of five golfers who got their ticket to participate in SEA Games 29 without qualifying round. Even though he has represented Vietnam to compete many international tournaments before, he is now the first time, has joined National team to play at SEA Games.



The 17 year-old and her fellow golfer, Tran Chieu Duong were trained by Marcus Mcpherson. In 2014, They went oversea to study at Windermere Preparatory and MMG Performance Florida, America. Phuong Toan has got remarkable achievement such as a champion of Premier Matchplay Championship, an tournament in Florida.

His strategy is to concentrate and make his best effort for his team and nation at SEA Games 29. With his experience playing both in the country and international, hopefully he would confidently perform and bring best result to the nation.


Full name: Nguyen Phuong Toan

Year of birth: 2000

Champion of Premier MatchPlay Championship 2016

Champion of Florida Junior Tour 2017

No of participating: First time


6. Do Le Gia Dat

Do Le Gia Dat was set major expectation and hope for Golf Vietnam after his success on National Golf Amateur (2013) at his 19 following generation of Tran Le Duy Nhat and Nguyen Thai Duong.



Before he won the National Championship, Gia Dat and Ngo Bao Nghi were the most outstanding in young golfer of Vietnam. He was always on top of the tournament at Young National Championship and at qualifying round of Nick Fado Serie.


Full name: DO Le Gia Dat

Year of birth: 1994

Achievement: National Amateur Championship 2013

No of participating SEA Game: 4


7. Nguyen Thao My

The Hanoian golfer has played golf for 7 years and improve her skills dramatically to become the most excellent golfer of Young Golfer Vietnam after Ngo Bao Nghi.

This 19 year-old girl won the Female National Open Championship in 2014 and 2015. Thao My is currently playing for Female golf team of University, Nothern California, America.



With her non-stop improvement and experience on the international tournament. Thao My is considered as a golfer has lots of opportunities to win at SEA Games 29.

Full name: Nguyen Thao My

Year of birth: 1998

Achievement: Champion of  Vietnam Ladies's Open Championship 2014, 2015

Champion of VJO 2015

Champion of VJO 2016's Vietnam Junior Board

No of participating SEA Game: 2








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